terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

I am Sick and Fighting Against Death :( !

Well Sileny Noel,Shangreloo Kuhn,Luccy Sands, Kristine Karfield,Tami Burt,Madeline Zenfold,Kitty Cats and all that have supported my blog, my fashion creations and also what I think..All the designers that i have deeply respect!
I hug you all.
I must tell to all that I am sick, very sick and fighting against death and life... between my bed and hospital as a warrior I try Fight and I will come back Blog...
I will come back to my Real Life and also Second Life!!
I cross my fingers;/ sorry be honest but I try just explain because I had a commitment & also a pleasure in blog each designer that I've met... I am sorry but I am human :(
First I had problems with Linden Lab and those new viewers and I got upset and very sad because I am responsible and I could not blog. I had to stop and after...I have suffered emotional torture on Real Life what cracked my soul,my real life, my pleasures and also my work as far as I was producing Arts Expositions on Real Life...
I will understand if some blogger groups erase me but honestly Laerke Levenque does not exists without me on real life...I must take care of myself...
I cross my fingers that Linden Lab fix my account (I am just logging in to feed my kittycats and pay my land):(.
I wanna come back fast and this depends of Linden Lab and also now my health.
I wanna make some fashion productions again and also my Flickr Group is stopped. :(
I had sooooo much pleasure in blog and take pictures and learn more and more ...
I love all of my blogger friends, my dear friends, the designers that had a huge patience in receive notecards and also reply me... It is sad yes!
I am not leaving Second Life I am just shocked with some things that have happened with me.Personal things and why I explain? I am Latin... This broke myself But i am still here and as a hell raiser I will come back...
Claud Thank you to stay by my side and also Alfred Ninetails...
While I cannot play and I am lying on a bed I will try talk more with Linden Lab!!!
I am sure that they can make something if they want but at the moment they just give me standard answers -.-...My computer has one year and are hard times for Macs...
*If I forgot someone I apologize. Here in this game I made many friends,my English had a little bit advanced and I learned a bit how to build.
I must say thank you to all that crossed my life being rude or polite.:)
I wish you the best!<3

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  1. laerke, sweety, i've just seen this blogpost of yours. I'm so sorry to hear what's happening in your life, i wish i could do something :( You're one of the most beautiful souls i've met on SL (one of the few i know about in RL too) and it's a shame you have to go through such a bad time. I wish you all the best, please be strong and never never never give up, dear.
    I'll be thinking of you, i hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Ty sweet Olela .... I will come back , thank you! today or tomorrow i will be back!
    Hug all of you and thank you my friends to stay at by my side!
    I hope some blogger group still accept me ...