sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

Thank you Linden Lab! Jewelry Fair you will finish tomorrow!;/

Jewelry Fair will finish tomorrow and since May I continue fighting with Linden Lab because even viewer 2 or viewer 3 works on this account.
I am sure it is not my computer because on my alts it works perfectly!
They do not help! I am a premium for nothing, just to receive standard answers.
I am a clown that pays monthly for none solution!
They look like a robot telling:
"laerke are you using wireless?" no i do not i say.
"laerke did you try reinstall the viewer?" yes i did i say.
"laerke maybe the viewer 3 has a bug"...since may? we did not have viewer 3...o.O
If 3 supports by Linden Lab entered at my account and they crashed in their machines
is obvious something is wrong between Linden Lab and my account!
OK maybe it has but on May it was viewer 2 and ? why they do not help me?
So i will blog today some reviews by fair. It is sad but I am almost leaving.
My computer has one year and I am serious! I hate receive reviews and be not able to blog...
I am getting real life upset because all of this...
so do not waste time! Visit the Fair that I could not blog (4 sims) and have fun!
I am not able to have fun anymore and any pleasure...
A nice blog to look Jewelry Fair stuffs is the Shangreloo Kuhn Blog! She is not like all barbies around! She has style and she is alternative!You will like!
Violator-Jesus is Lady-Jewelry Set-Black for J.Fair

Bodysuit:(Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit - Black Not Free here
Skin:LAQ ~ Thea - [Fair] Not Free
Hair:booN vine shaved hair base black Not Free here
Jewels:Violator-Jesus is Lady-Jewelry Set-Black for Jewelry Fair 2011 Not Free
Violator Store
Pose:LAP Not Free

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