segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Simple was Better, Meshs are no Mod,Bad times for Macintoshs

Chaos Theory Graphic

Laerke The Clown by Shangreloo Kuhn - [M&K]

Each day is one day. This new viewer to me is awful. Mesh thoughts NO MOD!!!!!O>O
So I will have to edit my avatar like the outfits!!!
I am waiting Linden Lab Give me more standard answers and also "try fix".
I know Lindens will not!!!!!!!!!
Well what I try say is please i will need some time to erase almost my things
and sort my inventory. I will reduce and if i dont have patience I will erase all!

in case you want sort the inventory look Anya'a Ohmai Blog!!
She is making a nice job with this tuto. Ouch Simple is better!!!!
Second Life was nice on 2007,2008 but now are bad times for macintoshs and I am one of them trying survive and asking apologizes to all designers and readers.
This is not my fault but I feel me upset! I am erasing my past!
My first clothes, many things that already even exist on Second Life anymore.
All the lms,notes tears,tears,tears....
So I see you in some days ?? After erase, pack and sort? Maybe if they fix but look!
I am a clown that pays a premium account for nothing!!!!

Olela words:yeh mesh is no mod and im not gonna modify my shape. That's why some mesh clothes come in different sizes and that's why there's an interesting jira people should vote for. It's about a system tool che automatically adjusts an item on your body. If you want to vote for this, it's here but you have to login to see it...

Skin:-Belleza- Chloe Group gift fee to join!
Make-up Clown and Hair by Shangreloo Kuhn - [M&K] blame it on treebee - black - Not Free It includes full outfit, two make-ups, hat with hair, and a pose with chair and beachball.! Better ask to Shang if is available to buy or where!;) She has an artistic loft here

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