domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Stevie The Shark!!!!!!!!

Find Stevie the shark in 76 stores that are participating in this hunt!
Stevie is around there and everywhere!
July 16th-July 30th you dont have many time for!and the stores rocks!!!
Natural Beauty released for Chic Boutique a preview of a new skin called Larissa. Fantastic creation and the price? 75l!!!

Larisa-Sunkissed by Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique
Milk Motion Hunt Item & Deco
Milk Motion Hunt Item & Deco

Bikini:(Milk Motion) My itsi bitsi bikini for the season's hunt summer here
Skin:Larisa-Sunkissed-Preview by Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique here
Hair:Slink Michelle Hair Cacao Not Free
Bracelets:CONCRETE FLOWERS- BEACH BRACELET -female- for Season's Hunt here
Flats:**DECO - Meadow Flat (olive)** for The Seasons Summer Hunt here
Free Scuba Diving Equipment - Kostenlose Taucherausruestung here

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