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Hair Fair first i wanna blog who helped me or answer my notes!!

Hair Fair: first i wanna blog those creators who helped me or answered my notes!!

Hair Fair began yesterday and of course is full!!! There are two things that women love here : hairs and skins. These two items make sims full and you are not able to walk. And I saw so many people with huds, aos, and prims ... a looot of prims. Those people are sooo selfish..;/ I took off all my prims (shoes, jewels, clothes, ao, hud) and used a low arc skin to be able to survive in the 4 sims ...

Ok! There are a lot of gifts in the stores. FabFree has posted the stores that have gifts!!! But people please don't forget is a charity event to help Each store will donate 50% minimum from one hairstyle, so, of course, grab the gifts but make the effort to buy at least one hair because you are making a donation for a good cause!

I will begin blogging the designers that helped me and at least gave me answers when I had sent notecards because I dont have the obligation to begin with sponsor 1 and etc =) I will begin with sims 3 and 4. I hope u like!
Ugly Duck - Mime (low arc skin) to survive on Fairs
Low Arc Skin:Ugly Duck - Mime (low arc skin) to survive on Fairs group gift fee join here
Trebee makes art not hairs. She sculps pure art and for our lucky they became hairs!
The u-neek Polystyrene!
the -uneek white
:i *Towa* i:. Wedding Dress ( White rose )
[LeLutka]-LOLA_skissed-makeup1(L Brows)
Aly - Diamond Elegance Choker - SLEX
The u-neek Polystyrene! 100l

The u-neek Kawana Caged black
The u-neek Kawana Caged black
The u-neek Kawana Caged black not free
.:i *Towa* i:. short wedding dress ( black rose )here not free
[LeLutka]-LOLASkissed-makeup1 not free here
~*Dryad Designs*~ Wrapped around you Shopping bag not free here

The U-neek HAIR FAIR 2010 Gifts!
The U-neek HAIR FAIR 2010 Gifts!
very ty to treebee Withnail to help me make this blog. I fight against all the system for make it!=)

The U-neek at Hair Fair sim 4

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