quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

My Second Wardrobe + Free Sandals & Dark Mouse Bag!

My Second Wardrobe has many nice bargains to us this month!
Honestly, I really loved this Paper Doll dress and also this updo by Angel Hair (It comes in 5 tons) is a perfect hair for a picnic, considering that i am wearing the free Dark Mouse Straw Summer Bag (other colors!).The sandals are a "Must", a group gift by [BWC CLUB], and the source (it means i watched in other blog,one of the bests in my view!! Fashion Kawaii Colors).
I love put the sources, because I think it is fair!! Some Smart people just watch other blogs and post the same stuff, what is very commmon! But I think that be a nice person, and also honest is: also present to YOU page viewer where did i found it!
I really like share and I will always change the style of my pics,hahahah Corra Lola Corra!
The skin is by Al Vulo and the make-up eyes are so cute that i made this detailed pic!Sigma has a nice earring for the same event!

Al Vulo - MSW + Angel MSW

-Paper.Doll- MSW: Charley,Al Vulo MSW + Dark Mouse Free Bag

Free Sandals !!!

Dress:-paper.doll- MSW: Charley-Slate MSW
Skin:al vulo- miha * soleil milk MSW
Eyeliner:Glow -Pin Up Not free here
Hair:Angel - Vivien (5 Colour ) for MSW - Caramel (other tons!!!!)
Bag:Dark Mouse Straw Summer Bag (Blue) Free! and in other colors!
Earrings:SIGMA Jewels/ Anya earrings MSW
Sandals:[BWC CLUB] groupgift here
Location:drobak*, DROBAK village

My Second Wardrobe

The V letter by the fabulous Ertè

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