domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

IrEn and Natural Beauty at Chic Boutique!

One of my favorites places nowadays is Armenelos! There are so many places there to explore...and here I am again and today i had the super patience to wait Shelly take a pic with me!What a cute seal!
Chic Boutique changed the collection and I started blogging earlier those events. Before i have to stay off again letting my avatar and account available to Linden Lab try discover what is going on and why I cannot use viewer2...sighs ;/
IrEn has done awesome outfits with nice textures to us so this time they bring for Chic Boutique this nice Knit Dress!
Natural Beauty Skins released an awesome skin (Larisa-Sunkissed-SUMMER) with a stunning lilac make-up eyes!So sexy!
This collection is really special I have more designers from this event to blog, but I like to take pics and play and explore! It is to have pleasure and attitude!
I really have friends!!! Wow I asked help to Luccy Sands by Sl Outlet .I needed a nice tip: something that was going on (that could cover my feet!),and she told me that at Super Bargain there were 2 awesome pumps from ! haut.monde and thanks Luccy!Thousands times thank you for all!Smiles (if i become talk what is "the all" i won't finish this post D)!!
Clawtooth released New hairs and the So Many Styles Jewels complete this casual style!

Larisa-Sunkissed-SUMMER for Chic Boutique!
[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue & Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique!
[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue & Natural Beauty for Chic Boutique!
Shelly & Me!

Dress:[IREN]-Knit Dress- blue for Chic Boutique
Skin:Natural Beauty-Larisa-Summer for Chic Boutique
Hair:Clawtooth: Sounds of Silence - Orange you glad New Releases
Necklace:{SMS} Big Native Necklace Blue Not Free here
Bangles:{SMS} Native American Bangles Blue So Many Styles Not Free here
Sheer:Fleshtone :: Wynter Sheer Tights Not Free but Cheap and i wear just one part of the Sheer!
Pumps:! haut.monde - Hondo Pumps - Tan and Cream 60l here for Super Bargain! Luccy Sands Tips!!!
Poses:Poseur and Y&R Not Free

Chic Boutique

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