sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

I took a lil break of 3 days & now I am back!

Sometimes we need know stop, take a break and I did this with laerke during 3 days!
This is not a competition and Like others "healthy bloggers" (lol), I like don't rush, try don't copy & also take my time to make my shots!Rofl
I am wearing a Body nude by sur+ for The Seasons Hunt, and again I repeat the gorgeous skin Tulip by Natural Beauty for The Fashion Garret, Mina Hair made a lot of news to Hair Fair and I could not blog in that moment because Linden Lab had F** my account and still is...It is a long history ....Hey i am back! But i will not and never rush! And I always will share my locations and my poses with you ;)!!!

Coco Designs Bare Feet Group Gft,+ Seasons Hunt , Mina Hair!

Body:sur+ for Seasons Hunt here
Skin:Natural Beauty-Tulip-Special edition for The Fashion Garret
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Cammeo Not Free
Hair:MINA Hair - Doortje By Mina Hairs Not Free
Barefeet:Coco Designs Group Gift here
Pose:Del May Not Free
Location:here (forgot the name) But i am generous and of course i always blog nowadays the place i take a shot!

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