quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Fighting Against My Missed Inventory!

I cannot handle anymore this inventory missed! Linden Lab? Well I have submitted 7 tickets and the result: they gave me 2 links to read :)!OMG!WTF!Honestly,is pathetical!
I erased all viewers, I stayed 2 days in a linden Sim, no lag bla bla,I erased my 5 caches, i made all they said! I logged in Linden Lab Viewer 2! Yes i Did and I must say i hate it! What interface was that???I feel me stole and I decided do not buy anything not free anymore until they fix.
Second Life is not stable and more I erased 30.000 itens! Come on I am here to have fun not problems... I really thought I would cancel my account.
I am very mad and i have no pleasure anymore!
I just think that serious bloggers with more than 2 years could have a Second Inventory...
I am wearing Lelutka Hair, They have lovely Hairs at Hair Fair this is just one of them! I am late and still at Hair Fair Sim 1!!! Gosh!
The Dress is by Fishy Strawberry for The Dressing Room , you must have because it is an amazing creation and sooooo cheap!
The skin is a Curio Skin, I am in love for this skin smiles!So pale, delicate, the color of the lips are so real!
Dark Mouse Group Gift gave to us this necklace I am wearing and La Malvada Mujer completes the look! I am so addict about Faina things!She is a unique artist! I am not sure but those shadows i think I bough at The Fashion Garret and they are on vacations but i decided wear even you cannot buy it!

Curio Skin + Lagyo + Lelutka for Hair Fair + Dark Mouse GG
Fishy Strawberry + Lelutka at Hair Fair + Miamai MSW+ Curio+Wave
Fishy Strawberry + Lelutka at Hair Fair + Miamai MSW+ Curio+Wave
Fishy Strawberry + Lelutka at Hair Fair + Miamai MSW+ Curio+Wave
Dress:*Fishy Strawberry* Midsummer Dream Dress - Teal for The Dressing Room.here
Skin:GP: Moonbeam Frex [Dark] Summer-Wild Strawberry 1 Not free but on Truth District Group you can grab one of this for free until july 8!
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - La novia / Terra Not Free but you can find some freebies at Store!
Hair:[LeLutka]-KNOTTED hair - SoySauce for Hair Fair one of the stunning models !!!! here
Necklace:Dark Mouse Soul Catcher Necklace on Group Gift fee to join (just 50l!!) here
Earrings:LaGyo_Nohea earrings (silver and gold included) Not Free here
Shoes:Miamai_DecO Rumba Fly My Second Wardrobe
Purse:][AV][bag nite* black Not Free here
Poses:Del May Not Free

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