domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Evergreen July Group Gift & **Pocket Mirrors** 1 Linden Gift at Hair Fair!!!

Pocket Mirrors Tem esse Lindo cabelo chamado Melina como presente na Hair Fair!As Urls estão abaixo! E Evergreen tem esse bikini "vintage" nas notícias no grupo. É gratuito para entrar!Não percam esses imperdíveis presentes!!

It is summer and I feel me free at this Little place called Armenelos that my Friend Madeline Zenfold
presented me.
Mad always helps me and her blog has always rock places!!! Ty Mad!!!!!Always and forever!=)
Evergreen put on notices this cute bikini and Pocket Mirrors has nice retro style hairs. This one is Melina and it is a free gift available at Hair Fair!
My skin is Curio again! I cannot take it off this skin!!!!D
The Tatoo is La Malvada Mujer "toujours"!!Faina's creations are very unique and yes I love blog her.
Del May Poses makes me be more creative so i do not dispense them!
*evergreen*July-group gift & Pocket Mirrors Gift at Hair Fair
*evergreen*July-group gift
*evergreen*July-group gift
*evergreen*July-group gift
*evergreen*July-group gift

Outfit:*evergreen*July-group gift on notices join for free and grab this awesome vintage bikini
Skin::GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Summer-Pebble 2 by Curio Skins Not Free
Hair:**Pocket Mirrors** Melina Short Majestic for Hair Fair 2011 here 1l
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - I love Malcolm McLaren Not free here
Feet:SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes Not Free here
Poses:Del May Not Free

By the way I wanna say thank you to:Kristine Karfield,Luccy Sands,Madeline Zenfold,Miah McAuley,minamikaze Oh,Poppy Panache,Sileny Noel,Shangreloo Kuhn & all my blogger friends that are always sharing tips and helping me on Second Life! I love you girls!D

Hair Fair 1 – Independance

Split Ends:
Battle Angel:
Hair Styles by Tami McCoy:
Rock Candy:
WAKA & Yuki :
MAD Designs Hair:
Curious Kitties:
Donna Flora:
NSD Hair Co.:
Pocket Mirrors:
Ivanka Akina:
Fashionably Dead:
Tukinowaguma Hair Style:
Digital Eyes:
Bliss Couture Hair:
DERP Hair:

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