terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

C'est Moi pour Toi! La Malvada Mujer and Fleshtone at The Fashion Garret!

Today i thought in make a Tatoo and I found a tiny store at Soap for this.
I got very happy with those old skull draws around my body!
Also i've choose La Malvada Mujer as make-up, they are strong and extremely Dramatic.
The Dress is C'est Moi and as far as i have KittyCats now i thought that would be a good idea blog this cute and casual dress!
[sYs] has a New Boot and it rocks! I will not take it too soon!

La Malvada Mujer - The Fashion Garret
.+*HS*+. Hair ::LUCY:: Choco Group Gift
C'est Moi! long dress/shirt Kitty - For all the KittyCats Lovers!
Fleshtone :: TFG Satchel on The Fashion Garret!

Dress:C'est Moi! long dress/shirt Kitty Not Free This Store is special, well done and I think that all the girls that play with KittyCats will wanna one! Here
Skin:::RooS:: MILK -by Dutch Touch New Release! Here
Make-up:La Malvada Mujer - Blow Up for The Fashion Garret Here
Piercings:.:ellabella:. A Little Na'vi in Ya Not Free Cute!!!here
Hair:.+*HS*+. Hair ::LUCY:: Choco 8000 Thank you Gift Hair and more 2 lucky boards for you!
Jewels:Violator-The Punk,The Ruff and The Beast-Black-HauteJewelrySet Not Free Here
Tatoo:/artilleri/ maggie tatoo Not Free here
Bag:Fleshtone :: TFG Satchel at The Fashion Garret Here
Boots:[sYs] DIVINE Mx - boots with Hud New Releases! here
not free
Poses:Poseur Not free

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