sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

Shoe Fair Begins Today!!Bedlam Boots Color Change,Lagyo for Culture Shock,Mons,PIG for 50l!!!

Ahh Today begins Shoe Fair.
They will raise money for Soles4Souls (official Site).
They collect Pairs of Shoes to make donations.
You can read the site and as far as I read, i could saw that it is really interesting!
Simple action but it works!!! You can read everything there!=)
It is the 4th edition of this fair.and it goes till 27 May!!!
Don't loose it!
Shoe Fair 2011

PIg 50l Sale!
Pig on 50l Sale! Mons TDB!
Bra:Pig - Crystal Canyon T - RedRed 50l here
Skirt:Pig - Ambrosia Eggshell and tights here 50l on sale!!!I have a special passion for PIG... The clothes are very well done!
Earrings:LaGyo_Mohawk earrings for Culture Shock Charity Item here
Layer Hair Base:booN vine shaved hair base pink Not Free Here
Skin:MONS - Circus Skin Series - TDR Special for The Dressing Room Blue Not Free but Cheap.Look the color of those lips!o.o so alive!
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Fire Walk with Me [Tintable] on Group Git Just Join and Grab!
Boots:[BedlaM] ROXIE heels Exclusive Shoe Fair. Those Boots are Color Change and your inventory says Thanks Mom!!! You Can color change. Store here but those boots are exclusive item for the Fair!
AppleSpice Action Set Not Free
Del May Not Free
Maitreya Not Free

I had to take those pictures there but i confess that my heart is broken.
Starlust is not Starlust anymore.Some houses continue the same.
Empty Sim but full of memories...
Second Life is like a cloud.
Friendships Gone,Places,Stores,Inventory LOL.
C'est la Vie ...
Official blog from Shoe Fair is here.

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