domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

La Blaq 50l Sale and Belle - Natural Beauty New Releases!

La Blaq is on sale!!! It is all for 50l!!!!
I bought those pair of boots, gloves, and jacket there!
That is almost unbelievable this price for those high quality clothes!o.o
Check it out!
Belle Pale by Natural Beauty ! New Release and It is so pretty! <3
La Blaq on sale!!! All for 50l!!!!
Jacket:--La BlaQ-- Bionic Black Leather Jacket 50l
Skin:Natural Beauty New releases - Belle Pale finally is done! She finished!!!
Eyeliner:[ glow ] studio - Pin up eyeliner (tattoo) Not Free
Hair:>TRUTH< Cajsa - mahogany Not Free Here
Earrings:LaGyo_Fluo elements earrings for Culture Shock. Today is the last day of this Event!!Last Late Call!
Bracelets:LaGyo subscribe gift for Members Here. I love their creations!
Tights:The Secret Store - Pumpkin wool tights Free yes they have freebies.Tp yourself and take a look!
Gloves:--La BlaQ-- Bold 5ive Gloves - Giraffe 50l
Boots:--La BlaQ-- Bionic Black Leather Jacket 50l
Poses:Del May Not Free

Also at La Blaq and there are 2 eyeshadows as a group gift on store.
Just join the group (free) and Check on store!

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