sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2011

Deviant Girls - New Lucky Boards, Gatcha 1l, 69 Hairs for 50l

Deviant Girls has New lucky Boards, and a gatcha. Check it out!

*dg* condom 5color - Gatcha 1l

[ 69 ] OLIVIA 02 - Dark Silver -50l o.o

*dg* condom 5color - Gatcha 1l

*dg* hotflops skull on New  Lucky Board

Deviant Girls !! Gatcha, Lucky Board!

Dress:*dg* cotton dress vanila Deviant Girls Not Free
Skin:[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff -VIP Group Gift for members fee to
Hair:[ 69 ] OLIVIA 02 - Dark Silver - ATTENTION!!! Silver and Blond Hairs on 69 are 50l until may 13!!!!!This is totally freak out for hair whores! here
Condoms:*dg* condom 5color(wear mouth) Gatcha 1l
Earrings:Dark Mouse - VIP Group Gifty! May 2011 on Group Gift 50l to join and so delicate!
I hate when I forget things!!! GRRRRRR!!
Poses: Maitreya Not free
Poseur Not Free
Location:World's End Garden

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