quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

!...EASTEREGG HUNT...! & Mango Mango Hunts!!!

!MM! Vamp Rainbowtastic Hunt

ALB YARVA batic dress easteregg Hunt

...Tomorrow will START THE HUNT for women and men ...I put all out so...let´s go!

START: NOW! (official 08th April 2011)
END: Easter Monday 2011

like allways you will find it around the store and my the sims

!...please wear the group tag...! fee to join! Ok?

This year the area where you will find it is not so big. Only into the store and outside is stop by the pyramide line...the town, danceplace and palace this time are not places where you can find some

- women will find a nice 70th dress in 11 colours calls YARVA
- men will find a short summer shirt in 14 colours as well calls YARVO

...this special YARVA+YARVO sets I will send you only to Eastern over our group notice...
... look around the walls and look at the table in the main part of the store ;) there you will find some more gifts or low budget items...

Enjoy and discover the wonderful desert land LAMU ISLAND what is a WINTERLAND at the moment

Dress:ALB YARVA batic dress easteregg + Glasses + Boots here join the group (fee to join)
Skin:!MM! Vamp Rainbowtastic Hunt look for 3 skins on store here
Hair:PR!TTY : Runway Model Hair :Brunette Not Free Here

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