quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

Aww A Hump Day at Lolapop!

heya! I should blog this Hump Day Necklace by Lolapop 6 hours ago :(...
My Real Life did not allowed..;/ I made those shots early but I was really busy. Hurry up until the store and try check if it is still there! This is totally my fault ;/
I also got those Male Jeans at A Taste of 50's XD.I could not believe that is male cause it fits me soo well!
I love make those sets of pictures just to have fun! Honestly is like a short history showing frame to frame!

A Hump Day at Lolapop!

Jeans on A Taste of 50's Hunt

Jeans on A Taste of 50's Hunt

Jeans on A Taste of 50's Hunt

Top:paper flower top Not Free by Deviant Girls
Jeans:^^Moulliez Taste of the 50's Hunt Male here
Skin: &Bean - No Hay Banda Pale on Marketplace
Hair:::::Nerd:::: blacks Not Free here
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Tyler's face #2 here
Necklace:Lolapop! Serafi Necklace-Ruby on Hump Day! 69l here
Shoes:[BedlaM]OZSTARZ TOTF hunt gift box !Hunt Item Already Blogged here
Poses:Del May Not Free

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