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My passion for Frida Kahlo & for Life! This is a tribute!

Is not the first time I have written and shown Frida Kahlo on my blog. Her art, her life history, her pain make me be her fan.She is one of my Divas for sure!
I put a link from Wikipedia, i am wondering that many people know who is Bill Gates but no Kahlo...
Shangreloo Kuhn
, one of my closer friends always told me that i must learn have fun and visit places to join. This is sooo true and healthy! I do not want to be a fancy blogger in thousands of fancy bloggers we have on world taking pictures.
Empty pictures! i do not feel me like this!
I love my studios this is a fact but sometimes is necessary take some tp to someplace. I am Learning have pleasure choosing angles, lights, i do not rush.
I take my time with passion and devotion .
Always learn!Is soooooo necessary!
Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
Of course a studio is the easy way but where is the place for the pleasure???
I falled in love for this Boom Dress and I could not think in a better place than this little piece of Mexico.
One time i asked someone of my family to make a tatoo and we thought together and created together this Frida Tatoo.
This post is a tribute to Mexico and the people of this fabulous country!
A tribute to the colors and food that I love so much.
To Diego Rivera(husband of Frida kahlo), and also a great Mexican artist!
Is a tribute to Claud that made this tatoo with so many passion. I never will forget you Claud!Come back soon!
A tribute to all people who respect me here and outside.
This shelf has a meaning, some parts of the mexican culture and their warm colors!
Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
I look impressed how she could on a bed create so many nice paintures.

Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
The Guacamole door i have chosen for a shot with my cute dress.
Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera and me! The place i've chosen to a shot to show the amazing bag by Boom not free!
Thank you so much Life (both) to give me soooo many inspiration!
Dress:*BOOM* Why Not Boom not free but I fell in love for this dress!
Skin:Tuli Aubrey on sale i am compulsive for skins! I could not loose this sale of course! Tuli
Hair:>TRUTH< Cleo Streaked - blood on subscribo here
Tatoo:Frida Kahlo well this is not for sale.This was made with feelings, passion. No one can have it.;/
Bag:*BOOM* Take it Easy Tote-Dia de los Muertos not free by Boom (folder comes with 3 vests).
Stiletto:Maitreya not free here
Location: Museu Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo
Dia de Los Muertos is tomorrow for mexican people!!!You can read in the link if you want...
Claudsflaytome Belar Tatoo :(
Claudsflaytome Belar Tatoo :(
Finally again muchas gracias a Shangreloo Kuhn & Lennard Denver that are teaching me step by step that we have two ways: be empty or full of many emotions and culture!I also have to say thank your for Danfer Bonne my Mexican friend that has so much sensibilty to make jewels!
Poses:Maitreya not free

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