segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

Hunting with a frend in Make Him Over

I was helping a friend and making the Making Him Over Hunt. I loved this pants that i consider unisex and also this glasses. take a look at the oficial site!
They have nice stuffs!Loved this pants! It has so many details!
Pants:MHOH4 # 69 - [BedlaM] here
Hunting with a frend in Make Him Over Hunt
Top:Black leather bikini top is for Bedlam as well actually is a bikini =) not free here
Skin:*REDGRAVE* Tan Skin -Moon- // BUNDLE/ not free
Glasses:MHOH4 # 25 - K_gs - Kumaki Glasses Style here
Hair:LH_hair79_diana_peach_box lucky board here

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