segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

Tressa Tips _b[ELLE] - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female

_b[ELLE] - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female - hunt item complete
_b[ELLE] - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female
Tressa Beaumont im me to tell about the fabulous gift at *b[ELLE]issima!* and she was right! Thank you Tressa!
I tp myself until dead shot to kill some zombies and guess what the gun of the folder works as a hell there! I killed a lot of zombies XD.
Outfit:_b[ELLE] - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female hunt item at Hunt Of The Living Dead here
Oficial blog here is a hunt until 31 october. The skins belongs to the folder of this amazing hunt item!
Hair:[Curio] Betty Boop - Black not free here

Dead Shot here a nice place to kill zombies and they have guns for free!

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